Learn How to Be a Belly Fat Loser - Become a Successful Loser

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What is a successful loser? Successful losers are those that have taken on the lose the belly fat challenge and have won.
Of course it is a life style not an event.
When you make it a life style you are constantly winning, every single day of your awesome life.
When you start out on the journey of life style weight management you must start off with goals in mind.
Like they say you can't hit a target that you do not have.
It is tough to get there if you don't have a destination.
Now I know that we are talking about a trip that will last the rest of your life.
At the same time you must have short and long term goals.
An example of a short term goal might be starting with the week at hand.
Write down each meal that you are going to have.
We stress that you should break your meals down into 5-6 small meals a day.
In each one of those meals write down what you are going to eat and how much and at what time your going to have each meal.
Of course you want to eat only healthy foods.
As an example 8am: 1 bowl of oatmeal with berries and sliced almonds (if you want sweetener don't use sugar use artificial sweetener.
Coffee, low-fat 2% milk, or water.
10am: 1 low-fat yogurt, water.
12pm: Lunch- turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, lettuce, pickle, tomato, 1 boiled egg, 8 oz.
of 2% low-fat milk.
2pm: 2 table spoons peanut butter, 1 bottle of water.
4pm: 1-10-12 oz.
smoothie using 2% low-fat milk, berries, almonds or sunflower seeds, table spoon peanut butter, 6pm: Supper-Spaghetti w/whole grain wheat noodles, virgin olive oil, ground turkey meat, light spaghetti sauce with mush rooms, crushed tomatoes, olives and whole wheat garlic bread.
If you must have a snack before bed, eat a small bowl of sugar free ice cream.
The next day change it up a bit.
Our goal is to burn fat and gain muscle.
So to gain muscle we will need to exercise a little.
Now as you see I said a little.
It really does not require a major workout plan to burn to lose your belly fat and gain muscle.
Walking does wonders, so three times a week weather it is on the tread mill or out on the side walks.
Walk 20 -40 minutes a work out time.
If you get more industrious then that, great but just don't over do it.
The goal is to make it a life style not to burn out after a week and quit.
If you quit you are a loser but not a successful loser.
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