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The secrets of Human Resources Management (HRM)

Do you know exactly what Human Resources Management (HRM) means? For 20 years we are bombarded by this new expression, that seems to involve so many concepts So what do you understand by HRM? Why has the personnel department been replaced? What is new?

Lets start by considering the single words. Everybody knows that management means directing and leading a project or an organisation, through the effective usage of resources. It turns out that this definition enlights the second keyword, resources, as if they would be inseparable. They are, in fact, the means by which an organisation can achieve its objectives; and efficient management can only lead to an optimal result. But what kind of resources has HRM to deal with?

People! That is the main feature of every organisation. Whereas the birth of a company, what is the importance of people? Marketing teaches that the purpose of any business should be the satisfaction of customers needs, isnt it? But who is responsible for making it happen? People, again ... Who makes a business successful? Right, people! So what does it mean that HRM handles all the complexity connected with humankind?

People have different needs, different goals, different perspectives and aspirations. First of all, HRM has to deal with the personnel administration, as it is in a personnel department, due to basic needs and expectations (labour laws connected with salaries and healthcare). If the company also wants to improve, it should try to model an organisational structure such that each employee can provide the best results. The sum of these will bring efficiency to the whole enterprise.

HRM is essential for finding the right people for different jobs and that is the reason why youngsters need to understand how the selection criterias can influence their future careers. Attending HRM courses can surely help them in personal improvement and in setting more constructive goals. Many institutions and schools provide different courses for HRM, but the quality and content of course are not always clear.

That is the reason why OIBT Om Institute of Business & Technology has put together some human resources management postagraduate courses including MBA in Human Resources Management. What distinguishes OIBT from others is the number of different options in meeting students needs: for example, it provides studying projects in India or partially abroad to gain global exposure, saving time and money by getting two degrees in less than two years.

OIBT is based in India, but connected to high quality institutes and universities in UK, Malaysia and Sweden to provide the quality education needed so that Indian promising youngsters could compete better in the European working market. In particular, the partnership with the Executive Management Institute (EXMI) gives direct access to the management certifications and courses including HRM awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Om Institute of Business & Technology is part of the group lead by Om International, present in the visa business for 10 years. So, it has developed the expertise in understanding the students problems connected to living abroad and it is able to manage all the administrative procedures for visa documents.
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