The Seventh Vow of Success

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Today I read The Seventh Vow of Success, page 111 in Og Mandino's " The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II" most sequels never live up to the original and in some ways that is true for this Part II. The story itself is most compelling, especially if you are Christian it touches on the heart and soul of the faith. The Ten Vows of Success, on the surface, seem to fall short of the original scrolls. The Original Scrolls are so direct and in your face that you can't help but be compelled to act and fell strongly about their influence on your life.
Now, why do I bring this up? Today, I read the 7th Vow in book 2. I didn't expect anything special, as I said these didn't impress me the way the scrolls did, but today was different. Today I listened to the message I was reading, today I paid attention to my voice as I heard it say the words in my mind. Today my mind was open to the message. "Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand". I read this over and over, I read the discussion, how we run from one rainbow to the next, how we hesitate between two things, doing neither; waiver from plan to plan. "He who scatters his efforts cannot hope to success" "Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand"....
The message hit like a ton of bricks! Guess what - no magic bullit here, no quick fix to the current economy, current job status, current financial results or expectations. No lottery that will solve all your issues. Boy I tell my coaching clients is a focused process, work from your vision with clarity of purpose, but is that really what we do? Don't we start 7 things and finish none? If our minds are not cluttered with all of it, we don't feel fulfilled?
Now, a moment of clarity arrived for me today "Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand". A step back is required to evaluate all that is on my to do list and a few questions must be asked for each item on the list:
1. Will this task bring me closer to my full and complete vision?
2. Will this task produce results today or plant seeds for tomorrow's results
3. Can I give my 100% attention to this task and not leave the task half done?
4. Can I be grateful for the ability to perform this task?
All these questions are required along with the proper answers - the outcome: 1. Do the task with all my attention, passion and desire for complete growth and development or 2. this task doesn't fit in the plan - throw it away now!
That brings me to the picture. The vision in a picture of the ultimate vision as the foundation and upon that vision, one building block at a time, each task and interaction builds upon the others, all building blocks for the vision until such time as the vision becomes reality. This is the ultimate growth.
"Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand" Today I think I will focus on this Vow of Success and do all my tasks with this in mind. Tomorrow I think I will learn from another vow and never underestimate the Part II of an Og Mandino work again!
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