Some Ideas To Consider When Re Furnishing A Bedroom

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If you want to update your bedroom,there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Are you a running colour schemes? or would you prefer to use a single colour? White is always a great colour to set off furniture,however it is not particularly warm. There are many soft shades of colour, and the current trend is for paint companies to produce antique type colour's , or warm old world colours, The colours chosen are important as the furniture that will be used will have to blend with the whole colour scheme. There are many types of furniture, different wood used , furniture made from man made boards. The current fashion , is to use real wood , and leave the beauty of the wood, to enhance the appearance of the concept that is being created.

Country style furniture , is very sought after at the moment,the gentle curves and lines, it's cheerful character, make a happy appearance,and comfortable living environment. Country style is not contemporary , or particularly modern. However there is a comfort factor, like having toast in the morning with a cup of tea, it is like living with an old friend that one knows well. This style of furniture can also be painted, so colour is again important, there is a trend for hand painted furniture. Personally I like the traditional wax finishes. Today one can buy a range of stained wax to polish furniture with, also the traditional Danish oil can be bought with stains in .

The most used wood for making furniture, is pine,In Europe Scandinavian Pine is the variety used. The pine from Scandinavia, always comes from managed forests, and follows a strict replanting scheme,this is great for the environment, and modern joining methods ensure that even small pieces of wood can be use. Seasoning wood is managed much faster today as well, as kiln drying can be completed in days . The wood is dried and machined and joined into furniture boards very quickly. These are cut to suitable lengths, usually 3 metres long by 600 cm wide. These milling plants are huge , and as with most aspects of modern life the smaller millers have been taken over by the larger millers, ensuring costs are very competitive.

Pine furniture is ideal, for all types of furniture, and shapes, sizes, and styles vary enormously. Pine wardrobes are available in all sizes, from small wardrobes, through to tall wardrobes. It is possible to have custom made wardrobes built to fit the room, high ceilings, would suit a tall wardrobe, and low attic, or slanting ceilings would suit a small wardrobe. However Oak is used as well, ,the only exception is that custom oak furniture would be a lot more expensive than custom pine. The reason wood is preferred to man made boards,is that wood is natural, and has a natural patina, which can be enhanced by waxes and oils

There are different styles of furniture than country style, Shaker style is still fashionable. Shaker furniture lends itself to being painted, in the variety of shaker type colours, off greens and blues. White is rarely used in shaker furniture. Contemporary furniture, surprisingly is not main stream, choice, this may well be as the price tends to be higher, and also the majority of people always stick with comfort zones and prefer what they know, which is country style, and traditional.

The most important aspect is that furniture, fulfills its purpose, and stores clothes, but more than that with colours and styles, the furniture can enhance, an updated bedroom, and make it a pleasant place to be

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