How to Plant Narcissis Bulbs

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    How to Plant Narcissus Bulbs

    • 1). Choose the right location for planting the bulbs. Narcissus flowers need to be placed in well-draining soil so that they are not in standing water after a heavy rain. Narcissus flowers prefer sunny to light shade environments.

    • 2). Choose Narcissus bulbs based on color and size of the mature plants as well as your your desired landscaped look.

    • 3). Prepare the hole for planting. With a hand shovel or spade dig a hole that is about 8 inches deep and twice as wide as the bulb. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to help the plant's roots to become established.

    • 4). Carefully place the bulb so that it is sitting upright at the bottom of the hole. Make sure to position the bulb so that the pointed end is facing upward.

    • 5). Cover the upright bulb with the remaining dirt that had been previously pushed aside while digging the hole. If desired, use dirt that had been previously mixed with an organic fertilizer that is appropriate for Narcissus bulbs.

    • 6). Water the newly planted bulbs. Under normal conditions, Narcissus bulbs do well when they are continually supplied with about 1 inch of rainfall or water per week.

    • 7). Place mulch on the surrounding area of the Narcissus bulbs if desired. This extra ground cover helps to maintain an adequate amount of moisture in the soil for the plant's continued health.

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