Simple Suggestions For Decorating Your Wedding Reception

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The outdoor wedding poses special problems to couples and florists alike.
The regular furnishings and objects that you usually have in the enclosed wedding hall and the church halls are not available if you hold an outdoor wedding event.
This means you will have to be very creative with your décor and improvise.
How far you can improvise will depend on the locality and the theme of the wedding.
Given these limitations it has become necessarily for wedding planners to seek various ways of overcoming this shortcoming and then put up a décor that the guest will admire.
We take a look at the challenges and various ways you can overcome them to get a super outdoor wedding décor.
Outdoor weddings are usually fun events.
Use brightly colored floral to exude an atmosphere of cheerfulness.
Since most are held in summer, you can use green red and purple floral.
Try to avoid synthetic flowers as they do not go with the season and look too dull.
Outdoor events can get windy so use strongly bundled flowers that will not wilt easily when exposed to the sun.
Avoid reflective materials for your tables so that you reduce glittering for the guests.
Candles and votives also work best for this occasion.
For safety reasons, you must ensure that the decorations you have at the outdoor wedding are robust and firm.
Any loose object can cause injury in the event of storm or strong winds.
Again, you must avoid glittering objects so that their refection in the sun does not interfere with vision.
Too much white is also considered inimical to the décor efforts so you need to dampen the colors with dull colors.
Again, you should ensure that the décor you put up does not interfere with the seating or walking of the guests.
Since there are no walls, the guests can come in and leave the wedding venue by all sides so you should not place anything that impedes their access.
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