Learning the Ends and Outs of That Talent

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The very best time to work on perfecting that Talent is at the earliest age possible.
Does your babies really like music? Do they beat and bang on any and all things in their way? Do they try to work on their toys? Do they talk or walk to early for their age? When you hum a song, do they try to dance? Do your sons or daughters learn something very fast, any thing? Even playing video games can lead into a career.
Then they may just be Intellectual gifted.
Find out what it is that interest your child the most.
What is it that makes them most happy besides candy and cookies and sweets.
The very best age for this is 3 years old.
If you have younger children, they may or may not follow the same path.
If you have older children, then it best if you work with them first.
What ever it is they enjoy the most, that is what you build upon.
A FACT: "You can never get anywhere in life, doing what you hate.
You may buy a home, own a new car, wear nice clothes.
But it came the hardest way to get it.
By doing what you hate.
" EXAMPLE: My dad and mom worked in an old cotton mill all their lives.
Dad had that security of a paycheck every week.
My brothers and I wore patched clothes to school.
We walked to school in the rain.
We heated our home with coal.
Yet, we never went hungry.
We never slept out in the cold.
We never had as many toys as the neighborhood kids.
Because dad had to work hard.
Mom had to work hard.
For only a meager paycheck.
Dad was to tired to play with us.
Mom was to tired to play with us.
Don't let that happen to you.
What ever your child likes, build on it.
If you play an instrument, and your child really likes to hear you play.
Teach it to them.
If they like sports, let them join a team.
Encouragement and praise goes along way in a child ear, eye, heart, and MIND.
Please don't misunderstand me, our out come may not be your out come.
Your out come may be totally different.
My family failed to parse our Talents.
But many many times I have often thought about just how differently my life would have been if dad had a took that mans advice and we had made a career out of our singing.
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