The Accurate Clock

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Scientists are looking into a type of clock that may be even more accurate then an atomic clock.
Atomic clocks are considered to be the most accurate clocks in the world today.
That however may change soon.
Scientists have discovered that pulsars may be an even more accurate way to keep time.
Pulsars are basically rapidly spinning neutron stars.
These stars emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation.
It seems that these pulses can actually be predicted and are very regular, most of the time.
A new discovery has shown that these stars are slowing down but at two different rates.
They also switch back and forth between rates.
Science is working on a way to use these two different rates to create the world's most accurate clocks in space, For most of us time is more or less subjective.
The accuracy of our clocks though important is not a matter of life and death usually so if our time pieces are not the most accurate clocks in the world we do not worry over much.
Just as long as they are pretty close.
As a matter of fact having a clock or watch that is just a little off can be a good thing in certain circumstances.
If your watch is off you can show the boss a good excuse for being a few minutes late.
But for things like space travel and military efforts an accurate clock is very important.
That is why we need the pulsar clocks.
Space travel must rely on accurate clocks.
Even if time keeping is really not your thing accurate clocks are very important.
Think of it this way, you tell a friend you will meet then for lunch at 2 o clock.
You show up to the restaurant at 2 o clock according to your watch and sit down to wait, but your friend does not show up until 3 o clock.
After waiting more then an hour for your friend you might be a little upset.
But your friend's watch says that it is 2 o clock.
If both of your watches had been set to the same time you may have been able to enjoy a happy meal.
However because your watches were so far off..
Accurate clocks set to the same time would have been a big help here.
Another example? You get to work in the morning and clock in to your job, your watch says you are clocking in at 8am however the company time clock says it is 9am.
According to the company clock you are very late for work and the boss could chew you out of fire you.
Not only that but if you innocently continue with your work your pay maybe an hour short.
Accurate clocks are very important to keep us on track.
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