Exercises for a Bigger Neck

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    Seated Neck Harness Resistance

    • The seated neck harness resistance exercise helps build the neck muscles through the use of mechanical weight lifting. To start, sit on an exercise bench with a neck strap on the floor in front of you with a weight attached to it. With your torso forward and your knees just a bit further apart than shoulder length, fasten the neck strap to your head and make sure it is secure. Grab the weight and straighten your back so it is almost at a right angle to the floor. Place your hands on knees and lower your head until your chin touches your chest. Exhale and bring your neck back to the starting position. Do this exercise in five sets of 10 repetitions. Use caution and don't start with a weight that is too heavy as this can cause some neck strain. Try this exercise in a standing position with your posture slightly curved and your hands on your knees.


    • Simple isotonic exercises will help your neck build muscle mass. Most of these are controlled tilts of the head, which expand and contract the muscle while maintaining the same tension throughout the exercise. First, slowly tilt your head forward until your head touches your chin. Hold this position of three to five seconds and return your head to the neutral position. Then slowly lift your head so that you are looking at the ceiling and hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise five times per day. There are several different variations on this exercise that you can try, turning your head side to side and tilting your head side to side. All of these exercises require you to slowly place your head in the correct position, hold for 10 seconds in each position and repeat.


    • A few isometric exercises will help improve muscle strength. Isometric exercises all increase tension in the muscle without changing its shape. Place your hand on the side of your head. Then, try to tilt your head toward your hand while using your hand to keep your neck from tilting. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then switch sides.

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