How to Cut Back Perrenials

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    • 1). Wait for at least two hard frosts to kill most of the foliage on the tops of the perennials. The foliage will turn brown and dry.

    • 2). Use gardening shears to cut the perennials back to 2 inches above the soil level, if you have a small number of plants. For large numbers of plants, you can use mechanical hedge trimmers to quickly cut away all but 2 inches of the perennials.

    • 3). Cut back any damaged or insect-infested perennials as soon as you notice the problem. Cut the plants back to 2 inches, using shears or a hedge trimmer. Do not wait for the frost to kill the foliage. Remove the foliage you cut back and throw it away. This will prevent the spreading of insects or disease to plants that bloom next season.

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