Chrome Wheels - Care and Maintenance

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Chrome wheels are an absolute pleasure to look at and they make a persons car look just too fine.
The problem about these beautiful extras is the care and upkeep, this is to keep them looking as new as the day they were purchased and put onto the vehicle.
To get many years of pleasure from these fine wheels a person will have to follow the following few important points.
It is important to wash these as you would your cars bodywork: 1) Use a fine spray to rinse of the wheels before actually washing them [prevents scratching] 2) Wash with a mixture of car-wash and wax and water [mixed together in a bucket] 3) Rinse this mixture off with a fine spray 4) Some stains from brake dust may still be present, this may be cleaned with a Chrome cleaner [only chrome cleaner should be used] 5) Simply spray onto the stain and rub off with a soft sponge, rinse well after the stain has been removed 6) Once the wheel is dry you will need to add a protective layer of car wax, this will add a protective layer on the chrome making the dust stick to it rather than the actual chrome and thus making the next time you clean the wheel a lot easier.
Remember it is important to wash these at least once a week as the build up of brake dust, salt and dirt will eventually pit the chrome finish, the moisture in the air will also react to the salt and cause problems with the chrome plating.
A fair amount of people out there think that putting the car through a car wash is enough, this is not so in the case of chrome wheels.
The detergent they use in these car washes could actually damage the chrome finish, not forgetting the spinning parts, these may also scratch the chrome.
Never use anything other than the product designed for chrome when cleaning the wheels as the acid content could cause severe damage to the chrome.
A good point to remember when cleaning your wheels is that you should only use what you are willing to use on your car bodywork to clean these beautiful wheels.
You would not use a harsh detergent on the cars body paint so why use it on the chrome.
Keeping your chrome wheels clean and protected at all times will ensure that you enjoy the pleasure derived from them for years, so please clean them at least once a week for peace of mind.
Another important thing to remember here is to try to prevent damaged to the actual chrome [bumping into a curb etc] so it is important to carry a bottle of clear nail varnish with you in the car at all times.
If you accidentally chip the chrome, it is important to re-seal the area as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
This will also ensure you get years of service out of these beautiful chrome wheels.
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