Keep Your Marriage and Your Job

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The road is a difficult place to spend most of your time. Traveling from place to place for your work definitely disrupts your family life. Marriage is something that everyone must consistently work on, and if you are absent from it, it can be a difficult thing to achieve. So what ways can you continue to travel for work, and still find the time to spend with your spouse and develop a strong relationship? There is more than time in this world- there are simple things that bond one to another.

Smartphones to the rescue

Such a simple thing- but it means a lot to a loved one. The sound of your voice and the familiarity of your words can soothe a worried soul. Once a day you should spend a few minutes talking to your spouse. This shouldn't be something that is rushed though. It may be something that you should do when you are relaxed and are not pressed into perhaps another meeting. The words you say here are very important. €I love you€ shouldn't be said as you hang up the phone. Be clear and loving or else the words will merely fall to the wind.

The advantages of technology allow for people to communicate at any convenience. Text messages can be short- but still effective at letting your spouse know that you are thinking of them. Between meetings you may consider something that lets them know that they are missed and you wish you were both together- but the place perhaps wouldn't matter as long as you were together. Things like this really let someone know that they are special.

Messages and treasure

Before you leave consider this game: treasure hunt. This is something that is amazingly easy- and incorporates messages, texting and phone calls. Hide things around the home- treasures or love notes to your liking. As your trip progresses, you can text hints or play a riddle game while on the phone. Though you are both a thousand miles apart- the interaction stays close to the heart.

Story time and games- via internet

Have you ever played the game story time? This is a fun game that keeps you both interactive and thoughtful. Writing a piece of a story (particularly a romantic one may prove a great topic) each day and the both of you switching turns writing. You will write a small portion one day- your spouse the next. This keeps you both intimately interactive and is quite fun- it works great for really any occasion.

The conveniences of the internet and the new smartphones allow us to do more than just message. Online games are available to keep you both interacting with one another regardless of distance. Chess is still one of the classics though- and text messages are a great way to keep track of movements.

There is always of course the option of your spouse joining you or visiting you on occasion. This is probably the best way to stay together- because well- you're together. Depending on where you are staying, most corporate housing facilities are extremely comfortable and offer a homelike atmosphere for a married couple.
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