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I have been doing research for a while now and I have found that one of the best ways to market a business or service is to use FREE local online classified advertising.
I have discovered that there are 4 real reasons that they are underused for business advertising: The first reason is simply because most people believe that classifieds are strictly there to sell used items from person to person.
This is not true at all! It is proven that when someone searches through a directory of ads for a certain type of item and they stumble upon a business that they could use, they take note of it.
Secondly, most advertisers overlook the these directories.
This can be a "Huge" benefit to the one's that do not overlook it.
Think about a person searching a local classified ad directory for a specific auto part, they come across an ad for a discount auto part warehouse that they did not know about.
They call the warehouse and get the part they needed.
This is just one example of a way that business advertising in the classifieds could benefit them and the customer.
Third of all, some of the better classified ad websites also have business directories that a business can list their services in.
This can be a very valuable tool for any particular business that is interested in marketing services over the internet.
Having multiple backlinks to a business website on other websites is a great way to increase the page rank and overall ranking of that website in search engines.
If a business is listed in the classified ads and the business directory on a local website, those two ads count as two backlinks to their business website.
The fourth reason is perhaps the most important of all.
Local listings are targeted to a very specific area.
In internet marking it is expensive to target local keywords on search engines and pay for other kinds of local advertising such as TV or radio ads.
Listing your services or products on one or all local online classified ad website(s) can give your business free local advertising.
Free local advertising is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and increase sales for your business.
Don't be one of those companies that overlook the obvious benefits of local classified websites.
These websites can be a vital and commonly overlooked part of your internet marketing strategy.
Many times these websites have other advertising opportunities available to you and they can be of great value to your company.
These added opportunities can include, but are not limited to paid advertising spaces in many high profile places on the website or they may give you the ability to "upgrade" your ad with inexpensive paid features that can draw more attention to your ad or listing.
I hope this article was of value to you and gave you some insight into the benefit of advertising your business, service or product in local classified ads.
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