How to Hide a Scratch on a Leather Sofa

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    • 1). Hide a scratch on the arm of a leather sofa by covering it with a fancy doily or a dressy scarf.

    • 2). Call a professional leather repair person if you want to hide a scratch so it's invisible to the naked eye.

    • 3). Hide a scratch on a leather sofa with a sofa cover. It will cover the entire piece of furniture, but it will also hide additional scratches.

    • 4). Consider changing the color of your leather sofa to a darker shade. Use a dye that's made specifically for the type of leather you have. The dye will most likely hide the scratch.

    • 5). Hide a scratch on the cushion of a leather sofa by turning the seat over. As long as you don't tell anyone, you'll be the only person to know it's there.

    • 6). Use a leather conditioner such as Pledge® Clean & Shine on your entire sofa. It may well hide a scratch.

    • 7). Buy a leather repair kit and use it on the scratch. Just make sure the type of leather you have can be repaired.

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