Male Body Language Flirting - 4 Tips To Read Men"s Signals

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Body language flirting is complex.
Men and women often have very different ways of flirting through body language.
This can lead to confusion or unnecessarily hurt feelings when each assumes that the other is not interested.
Therefore, it is important to understand how men flirt.
Understanding male body language flirting techniques can make you more likely to correctly interpret a man's signals.
When a man is ready to flirt, he will scan the room for available females.
If he catches your eye, it is a sign of interest.
His gaze will pass quickly over women that he does not find attractive.
Once he has your attention and through the point where you actually meet and chat, then his flirting signals do become a little more subtle.
Check the following signals below.
Men often do this!
  • His face and body language are opened.
    He's putting himself on display and looking receptive.
    His eyebrows raise, the eyes widen, the lips part slightly even the nostrils flare.
    What this means is that he's taking away the blocks he might use in his more lad-oriented life and inviting you to see and engage with the sensually sensitive real him.
  • He'll stand tall and look manly.
    He'll square off and pull himself up to his full height, displaying his prowess and he'll make sure you have time to admire him.
  • He'll sit with his legs apart.
    If standing, he'll hook his thumbs over his belt, or leave them outside his pockets, Most men do this to appear macho and posed, but a commonly unknown fact is that this action also highlights the genital region sending the message: "I'm virile.
  • He'll touch and preen himself.
    In part, this is nervousness and self consciousness.
    It's also because he wants to look good for you.
    If he's smoothing a collar or tie, or any piece of clothing for that matter and it's an auto erotic gesture then he's thinking sensually because of you.
So, when you know that a guy is flirting, what can you expect from a connection? It is very simple.
Flirting is the first step of foreplay.
Even though a man might be flirting with you, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.
Flirting is a nice way for people to be playful and have fun.
A guy who flirts is not saying: "I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you" All he says is: "I feel attracted to you and I want to connect" Take the flirting game exactly for what it is: a light innocent connection.
Sometimes, a flirt evolves into something deeper and very often a flirt stays a flirt and does not shift to dating or relationship.
So, just stay in the moment! And enjoy it exactly for what it is!
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