Clay Roofing Tile Overview

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Clay roofing tiles are today produced in factories but originally they were individually hand-made.
And even though they do tend to have the same manufacturer's warranty as concrete roofing tiles they do seem to have a longer lifespan and you can in many cases safely re-use them but simply add a new underlay and batten.
Clay roofing tiles seem to be predominately from Europe with France and Italy being recognised producers of quality clay roof tiles.
They have been produced there for many centuries and with this you do get methods that produce consistent results for the tile in shape and colour.
This has always been my main problem with Clay tiles as you do seem to get a number of bad tiles that will simply not fit with the others.
Again a good roofing contractor would remove these but there are also many bad roofing contractors who would probably not even notice and or even bother to rectify this problem.
As is the way of the world today we are now getting clay tiles from all corners of the globe which does make things more complicated for the roofing contractor to know the good from the bad.
Because of the access we all now have to information and products it is quite easy to find seemingly ideal solutions to save money by buying products directly and getting a contractor to install labour only.
But with this option you may be going by a picture or a few choice selections sent as samples which may not truly reflect the actual bulk load that arrives.
Although they do not have the multitude of colours available that concrete tiles do the ones that are available do always seem to have a 'warm' glow when you look at them.
There are some manufacturer's who can add more colours to the range but how this impedes on the price I do not know.
Side by side with concrete tiles you will pay about 50% more for the supply and install of the clay tile.
Mainly down to the fact you have less concrete tiles per square meter than clay roofing tiles and the clay tiles themselves are also more expensive.
In summary the clay tile will last longer and involve less maintenance but will cost more to install.
As a roofer I do like the look the clay tile roof gives.
I give them a thumbs up!
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