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What kind of driver are you? There are drivers whose driving record screams "RISK" at insurers.
If you are such a driver, you would most certainly pay more on your auto insurance coverage since you are seen as a risk by insurers.
On the other hand if you have been a very careful driver with no bad driving record, know now that you should be entitled to a good driver discount.
If an insurer checks your record and sees that in your years driving, you have not had an accident, you should be entitled to a discount.
Why is this so? Apart from the fact that you have saved past insurers money by not making claims, you are also making a statement about the kind of person you are.
People don't suddenly change over night.
Your insurer knows that you are a careful driver and it is very likely that you would continue to be so they can afford to give you a lower rate since your profile is a low risk one.
If you have been with an insurer for some time as a good driver and have not made a claim, you should be entitled also to a no claim bonus.
To know if you would qualify for a good driver bonus, there are some points to check.
They are: Are you 25 and above? You should be at least 25years old as it is assumed that by this time enough information would have been gathered to form a strong opinion of the type of driver you are.
Have you had a ticket recently? Your driving record needs to be as bear spotless as possible.
In fact, you should not have received a ticket or have a moving violation in the last three years.
The extent required may differ amongst insurers and also your location.
How good is your credit rating? For you to have a good credit rating, it is assumed that you are a very disciplined person so it is also assumed that the same discipline would come to bare on your driving.
With the above, you can be called a preferred risk driver.
Having said all this, an insurer may decide not to give you these discounts or may give you an insignificant discount.
It is up to you to find an insurer that appreciate these qualities you have and is ready to give you a tangible discount based on them.
How do you do this? Get and compare quotes from free quotes comparison sites.
That way, you would have an idea of what each insurers auto insurance policy is before taking up a policy with them.
It is very important to get quotes from a least 4 quotes comparison sites if you really desire to have a very affordable auto insurance coverage.
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