Comparison of Slide Scanners

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    Scanner Definition

    • A scanner is used to convert physical images, such as printed text or pictures into digital form so they can be viewed on a computer screen and manipulated electronically. Scanners can be found in in homes and offices.

    Flatbed Slide Scanner

    • A flatbed slide scanner can scan items such as 35 mm filmstrips, mounted slides and camera negatives. They have different color and gray level depths. The more money spent on a scanner, the more functionality it will likely have.

    High Definition Slide Scanner

    • Scanners are great for film, but some have better definition and resolution than others. They can enhance details and reduce red eye effects. Some scanners have a more dependable memory and work with a variety of systems, while others depend on the computer memory available in the unit only.

    Film Scanner

    • Scanners can provide professional looking images with crisp details. The speed at which a scanner works varies according to model.

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