Fun Kindergarten Games

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    Action Relay Race

    • Divide the class into two teams and have them line up at a standing line. Mark another line about 15 feet from the standing line and put two chairs on the line. You call out an action, such as hopping, clapping or skipping, to the first two pupils in line. Those children must do the action you called out all the way to their team chair. The first player to reach the chair, sit down and say, "I can hop" or "I can clap" earns a point for his team. After each player has gone as least once, the team with the most points wins the game.

    Word Recognition

    • Cut out several pictures of general items and animals from a magazine. Use items such as a cow, dog, a key, a coin and a bicycle. For each picture you cut out, write the word on an index card. Place all the pictures on one table and the cards on another table. Have each kindergartner go to the two tables and find a matching set. If the pupil can find a matching word and picture, award her with a small prize.

    Number Prize Walk

    • Write numbers on construction paper and scatter them all over the classroom floor. Write the same numbers on small slips of paper and put the numbers in a bowl. Play music and tell the children to walk around the classroom. When the music stops, the children must pick a number and stand on it. Draw a number from the bowl and the pupil standing on that number wins a small prize.

    Ring Toss

    • Make rings by cutting the center out of several paper plates. For added decoration, paint the rings with tempera paint. Fill several water bottles with sand and scatter them on the floor. Mark a standing line about 6 feet from the bottles. Give each child five "rings" to try to toss on the water bottles. Each pupil that rings a bottle wins a small prize.

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