Discover 3 Healthy Changes to Get a Sexier Body and Improve Your Dating Life

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Being physically attractive to the opposite sex is the most important thing you can use to get noticed.
 Sure it helps to have a great personality.
 It helps to be funny.
 But most people won't discover these things about you unless they've known you for a while.
 This is why it's important to get their attention right away.
  The best way to get their attention is to be well-groomed and in shape.
 If you can show that you take care of yourself then you've already got a leg up on 99% of the people in the dating game.
 People are getting more and more shallow these days so looks are that much more important.
 And besides, who wouldn't want to date someone that is healthy? I'd like to share with you 3 simple tips you can use that will get you started on a healthier, happier life.
Weight Loss Tip #1- Make goals that get results.
 When making goals most people go about it the wrong way.
 They are general and vague in what they want.
 If your goal is to "lose weight sometime this year" that won't yield any results.
 Make a goal that is measurable and specific.
 "Lose 7 pounds in 10 days starting February 1st" is how your goals should be written.
 Nothing is more attractive than someone who makes goals and accomplishes them.
Weight Loss Tip #2- The next thing you need to do is to start eating healthy.
 You definitely don't want to be seen as a slob.
 When you go out to eat on a date make sure you order something that is healthy.
 This will show that you care about your body.
 When you go out to eat with friend order a grilled chicken instead of a greasy double-cheese burger.
 Get a water instead of a coke.
 By making these simple little changes you'll watch the pounds slowly start off.
Weight Loss Tip #3- There is nothing more attractive than someone that is active in life.
 Being active also creates confidence.
 I am not saying you have to be the star of your basketball team.
 But you need to get involved with activities that you enjoy and that will burn calories.
 Taking a bike ride everyday after work is a great way to get active.
 It's not near as difficult as jogging and you will still burn plenty of calories.
 When you're at work take the stairs instead of the elevator.
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