Honeymoon Registry - Will You Consider It?

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There is no doubt that the your wedding is very important.
To this end you will try your best to make your wedding special, unique and perfect.
However, you should also understand that your honeymoon is just as important.
You will have a lot of guests in your wedding.
And they will certainly know if your wedding is special or not.
You may think that the honeymoon will then be not important since no one will know the details of your honeymoon except you and your fiancee.
However, it is not really correct.
The honeymoon is in fact your first trip with your partner after you get married.
This is the first time you two travel as a married couple.
This is why honeymoon is so important.
However, it is also very true that your honeymoon can be something expensive if you would like to make it perfect and meaningful.
Only the air tickets alone can cost you a few thousand dollars.
As a result it will be perfect if your guests can sponsor your honeymoon.
In the past, couples may create a gift registry so that the guests will know what to buy.
However, a lot of couples will live together long before they get married.
As a consequence, they may really need anything for their home.
It will just be a waste of money if a guests give them some kitchenware.
To this end you can probably go for the option of creating a honeymoon registry.
Instead of asking the guests to buy you some gifts, you will ask the guests to sponsor your honeymoon.
This can be a perfect idea since you will not need to spend all your money for your honeymoon.
It is very true that you have already spent a lot of money on your wedding and it is just perfect if you do not need to spend a lot for your honeymoon.
With a honeymoon registry, you will be able to plan for your dream honeymoon easily.
However, you should be very carefully when you are creating your registry.
You have to plan for your honeymoon long beforehand so that you can create your registry as early as possible.
Only by doing this your guests will not buy you some gifts instead.
In most cases, you will need to have your honeymoon registry ready at least 100 days before your wedding.
As a result, you may need to plan for your honeymoon something like half year before your wedding.
You have to plan it in detail.
Of course you will have to know where you would like to go so that you can have your guests to sponsor your air tickets.
You will also need to plan for your accommodations otherwise your registry cannot be completed.
If it is possible, you can also ask your guests to sponsor your every meals during your honeymoon.
Of course you may not really know where you will have your meals.
Yet it will be good for you to consider the cost of the meals so that your guests can contribute.
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