Inflexible Body Leads To Directionless Golf Shots Despite Good Stance And Technique

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Do you find yourself in a great position to hit the ball over long distance or hit the ball with great precision over a small distance into the hole but still fail to do so? Chances are high that you are losing control when you are at the final stage of the shot.
You may be swinging the golf club correctly but the swing towards the ball may be going out of control.
The worst part is that you have absolutely no idea why this is happening.
This is primarily because your body does not have control and flexibility.
Once your body is committed to a particular course of movement, it is impossible to change the same.
This is because your muscles are very rigid and simply do not allow you to move.
Do you know that the inflexibility in your swing may have a lot to do with inflexibility of your hips and your waist? People often find it surprising that their swing is controlled by their hips.
Well, where do you get the power for the swing? It is only when you swivel and your upper body moves and contorts that you get the power.
The arms merely translate the power of the swivel to the ball.
If this is not in control and if you are not flexible when completing your shot, chances are high that you may get your shot wrong nine times out of ten.
Of course, you may get the positioning right by fluke and this may help you complete the shot and get it right.
However, this is going to be an exception than the rule.
In any case, you will find it impossible to replicate the shot again and again.
This problem will become even more acute when you are playing shots that require more concentration and more skill and less power.
Your arms will tremble, your hips will move, and you will find it impossible to play the shot straight.
You may end up hitting the ball all over the green despite the fact that you reached the greens with a less than par score.
You are not the only person who is facing this problem.
There are numerous instances of other individuals to facing this problem.
The best way to overcome this is to practice and carry out exercises that will help you make your body more flexible and relaxed.
No other solution will provide long term benefits which will help improve your game for the better.
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