Kids Sports Birthday Party Activities

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    Water-Bottle Design

    • Purchase a plain plastic water bottle for each party guest and set up a bottle decoration station so that the kids can make their own party favors that fit with the sports theme. Provide paint pens, glitter glue, stickers and other decorative elements for this craft project. Allow each guest to decorate a water bottle as desired. This activity should be done at the beginning of the party so the bottles will be dry by the time they leave.


    • Set up a warm-up area. Pass out sweatbands for the kids to get them into the spirit of the party. Call out warm-up drills for the party guests to get their heart rates up in a fun way. Examples include jumping jacks, hopping like a frog and dancing. Give the kids the chance to call out warm-up exercises for additional fun. Play upbeat music in the background to keep the energy level high during the warm-up exercises.

    Olympics Competitions

    • Set up a series of Olympic-style competitions for the party guests. Choose athletic tasks that are developmentally appropriate for the ages of the guests. Consider events such as tug of war, relay races and ball-throwing contests, depending on how much space you have. Ask the guest of honor to share suggestions for the Olympic events. Make mock medals for the winners, holding a brief medal ceremony after each event.

    Face Painting

    • Set up a face-painting station and assign two or three adults to paint sports-themed decorations on the faces of the party guests. Make a poster that features all of the possible designs, which may include sports balls, baseball bats, football jerseys, cheerleader pom-poms or team logos. You can also offer sports-themed temporary tattoos. Encourage the guests to participate in some of the other party activities while they are waiting for a turn at the face-painting station.

    Sports Costume Show

    • Ask the guests to wear a sports-themed costume to the party. Ideas include dressing up in team uniforms, dressing as fans or creating costumes that resemble sporting equipment. Put on a costume show by inviting each participant to walk in front of the rest of the guests to show off her costume. Award prizes for the most creative costumes.

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