How to Operate My Samsung D600

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    • 1). Press the button at the bottom of the phone and slide the battery pack downwards to remove it. Slide the SIM card carefully into the provided slot -- ensure that the logo faces upwards. Replace the battery pack and hold down the power button to turn on the phone.

    • 2). Dial a number and press the call button to make a call. To save the number, press the "OK/i" button. Select "Phone" followed by the type of phone number it is -- such as home, work or mobile -- then enter further details about the contact, such as a name, and press "Save" when finished.

    • 3). Press the "Menu" button and select "Messages." Select "Create New Message" and then the message type; "Text Message." Type the message you wish to send then press "OK." Enter the number you wish to send the message to, then press "OK."

    • 4). Start up the camera by opening the "Menu" and selecting "Camera." Point the phone in the direction of what you would like to capture, then press the camera key at the side to take the photo. You can view all media files in the "File Manager," which is located in the main menu.

    • 5). Add media files to your phone by copying them to the memory card. Open the memory card cover at the side of the phone, press the card in until it clicks to unlock it, then remove it.

    • 6). Insert the memory card into a memory card reader and connect the reader to a free USB port on your computer. When prompted, select "Open Folder to View Files." Click and drag any music, picture or video files into this folder to copy it to the card. Once finished, remove the memory card from the reader and re-insert it into your phone -- the files will instantly become available.

    • 7). Open "Menu" and select "File Manager." Scroll down to "Sounds" and select a music file to play it.

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