Understanding the Role of a Mortuary

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Death is an enigma. Just like the idea of an existence before birth, the idea of life after death is one that you just don't know until you experience it, and then, well, it isn't easy to tell others about it. Every person chooses to deal with the idea of death in their own personal way. Some people look to religion to answer their questions, some come up with their own personal ideas, and some choose not to think about death at all. If you are reading this then you are broaching the subject of death, at least the part concerning what happens to the physical body when a person passes on from this life. Knowledge is power, and understanding what the professionals at Navarre funeral home and others.
Expected Passing
If a person has a terminal illness or is extremely old, it is probably not too surprising when they pass on. The people in this category are usually under doctor and/or hospice care. Hospice care is specialized medical care for end of life. They are there to support the dying and the loved ones surrounding the dying. They will help with the process of after-death care. If hospice is not involved, the loved ones of the person who has passed just need to put in a call to the funeral home of their choice. The call to the funeral home does not need to be within normal business hours, the phones in the funeral home are always answered and the morticians are used to being called out day and night. They will come and take care of the transportation of your loved one to the funeral in preparation for cremation or burial.
Unexpected Passing
If a person passes unexpectedly, whether from an accident or any other known or unknown reason, the protocol is usually for the person to be taken to the State Medical Examiner's for autopsy. This can be another layer of angst for the surviving family and friends, but it is an important factor in understanding and giving closure for the survivors about the passing of a loved one. You don't have to worry about your loved one getting to and from the Medical Examiner's, that is something that the police or medical team will coordinate, as well as the professionals at Navarre funeral home or any other qualified mortuary. They will help with this task as well as all of the other associated with a dignified funeral and resting place.
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