Interesting Things To See Whilst Driving In Milan

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Milan is the chief financial city of Italy and one of the largest cities in Europe by size and population.
Located in northern Italy, the city of Milan is a convenient spot for those seeking to travel to the Mediterranean coast or the Alps Mountains.
It is also one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many ancient monuments for every first time visitor to experience.
Driving in Milan offers one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences you can imagine.
But what exactly are some of the interesting things to expect when driving in this magnificent city? Well, Milan has lots to offer every curious visitor, both in and outside the city.
Whilst in Milan you could take time and drive to the Duomo, one of the largest churches in the world.
Besides that, the Santa Maria dell Grazie is also a must visit.
It houses the last supper painting, a favourite tourist spot for every visitor to Milan.
The San Siro stadium, which is home to two of Italy's biggest football giants, is also located in this city.
If you are driving out of the city, then you may take time and drive to Crespi d'Adda, a leading world heritage site that has been listed by UNESCO.
One of the largest lakes in Italy, Lake Como, is also situated not far from Milan.
Located on the northern part of the city, near the foothills of the Alps Mountains, this Y-shaped lake is very picturesque and offers a taste of Italian rural life.
If you happen to drive between Milan and Venice then you may visit lake Garda, which is the largest in the whole of Italy.
The lakeside is filled with theme parks of Canevaworld Resort which boasts its own waterpark and a distinct movie park.
The lake is surrounded by a number of settlements, one of them being the famous Sirmione which is home to magnificent views such as that of the Scaliger Castle and the church of San Pietro, which is located in Mavino.
Just like any other big city, Milan is no exception to driving rules which must be observed all the times to avoid rubbing shoulders with the local authorities the wrong way.
While street parking is lawful, one should pay a lot of attention to certain rules such as those that prohibit parking on driveways or loading zones.
Overlooking such rules could results in heavy charges that can literally ruin your stay in city.
Motorsport lovers may come to appreciate the fact that Milan is not far from the home of motorsport.
Boasting of such famous names as Lamborghini and Ferrari, there is no doubt that Milan is a leading motorsport destination.
In that respect, a drive through Milan is incomplete without a visit to the grand prix circuit of Monza, which is located only 15 kilometers from Milan.
If you do not have a soft spot for motorsport, then taking a drive to Parco di Monza can work for you.
It is part of the Lambro National Reserve which is the largest enclosed park in the entire Europe.
What's not to see and love in and around Milan?!
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