Belleville BootsConsistently High Standards For A Long Time

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Belleville boots have been around for a long time providing comfort and protection to your feet in different kinds of conditions. There are hot weather boots and wet weather boots, cold weather boots and safety boots. You will also find special air force boots, navy boots, army boots and coast guard boots. There are tactical boots, marine corps boots and flight boots, each designed with great care and understanding of requirements, which is so important. The hot weather tan safety boot for example, is ACU approved and comes with a Vanguard shoe sole construction. The boot boasts of Cordura nylon and tan leather uppers which are breathable and at the same time abrasion resistant too.

These boots come with a polyurethane midsole and an outsole made of Vibram Sierra, a trusted name that has provided consistent quality. The boots also have additional protection in the form of removable inserts of polyurethane along with a steel toe that meets the ASTM standards. The rubber outsole provides good traction while the cushioning in the midsole protects the length of the feet from hard impact with the ground. Some Belleville boots come with a special X-Static lining too for additional breathability. The odour reducing lining promotes free ventilation inside the boots, so that sweat and bad odour escape out leaving the feet dry and clean. There is an anti-microbial lining too, to protect the feet from infection caused by blood borne pathogens. Some boots make use of blended Nomex fabric which is flame resistant. Boots for air force personnel are made using flight approved fabric and tan leather.

For hot weather conditions, some Belleville boots have a Cool-Max lining to keep the feet cool and dry, preventing sweat from creating an itchy feeling inside the boots. Olive green leather and black leather are also used for the boots providing more options to individuals. Most of the boots are of standard military height, which is 8 inches. Vibram Chevron is used in some boots too in order to provide better traction on slippery surfaces. There are boots with Gore-Tex membrane that ensures that moisture inside is allowed to escape while no moisture from outside enters inside the boots even in the wettest weather conditions. The boots are ANSI certified as far as protection from electrical hazards is concerned.

Some of the best Belleville boots come with full grain leather uppers which are not only waterproof but are also breathable. The premium tread outsole of the boots is ideal for unfriendly surfaces. Extensive padding of foam is provided in some boots to absorb shock and provide cushioning to the feet. Sage green leather is another variety that is seen being used in these boots. Some of them have a thicker polyurethane centre for greater padding to the feet. All these features put together from toe to heel, make these boots extremely resilient and comfortable. Whether it is the breathable uppers, the lining inside, the durable outsoles or the padding for the entire feet, these boots pamper your feet in the most difficult environments.

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