DIY Wrist Corsages

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    • 1). Select two to three roses that have not completely opened up. If using flowers from the garden, cut them first thing in the morning before the sun causes the blooms to open up too far or to wilt.

    • 2). Cut the stems to approximately three inches in length. Wrap each rose stem separately with floral tape starting right below the flower head and winding down to the end of the stem. Cut off any excess tape and pull the tape over the bottom of the stem to cover it.

    • 3). Hold the flowers together in one hand and add a couple stems with leaves behind the flowers. A small amount of baby's breath can be added to the front of the corsage, if desired. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the stems to hold them together.

    • 4). Cut two pieces of 1/2-inch-wide ribbon, one piece eight inches long and another 18 inches. Wrap the eight-inch piece of ribbon around the stems by gluing one end of the ribbon underneath the flowers and wrapping down the stems to the bottom. Pull the ribbon over the end of the stems and wrap back up to the top, cutting off any excess ribbon and gluing the loose end under the flowers.

    • 5). Tie the 18-inch-long piece of ribbon around the middle of the stems and tie into a shoelace bow in the front of the corsage. Place a couple of drops of hot glue underneath the bow to it hold to the stems; let dry. Using the loose ends of the ribbon, tie the corsage onto the wrist of the person wearing it.

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