Portland - A Naturally Beautiful City

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Portland is the largest city in the State of Maine.
The city of Portland has a population approaching 65,000 residents.
The civic leaders of Portland have spent a great deal of in coordinating the growth and development of the city.
As a consequence, Portland remains a remarkably attractive city on many levels.
Portland is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in North America.
Resident of Portland are keenly interested in the environment.
As part of the overall development of the community, attention is paid to maintaining green spaces and parks to enhance the livability of the city.
People in Portland are also dedicated to their own personal health and wellness.
Residents of this vibrant city have been known to utilize the latest treatments and procedures in order to better their health and enhance their appearances.
This includes treatments and procedures including Thermage, chemical peels, dermabrasian and dermal fillers.
Residents of Portland can now access important skincare and rejuvenation treatments and procedures like Thermage, chemical peels, dermabrasian and dermal fillers at state of the art facilities in Oregon, including in the city of Portland.
Experts and professionals at these facilities and clinics offer the very latest in Thermage, chemical peels, dermabrasian and dermal fillers treatments and procedures.
Portland has a vibrant Arts District that runs through the center of the city.
The Arts District boosts lovely galleries and restaurants.
The Arts District is an appealing attraction not only to the residents of Portland but also to visitors and tourists visiting the state and the region.
Because it is a port city, and because it is in fairly close proximity to Boston, Portland is an economic center in the Northeast.
Historically, Portland was a fishing, manufacturing and agricultural community.
While these three industries remain important to the region, Portland itself has shifted to becoming a more service based economy.
(This includes healthcare and medical enterprises, including the likes of those discussed previously.
Portland is a regional center for medical services.
) The Port of Portland remains a very important cog in international trade:
  • The largest foreign inbound tonnage transit port in the United States
  • The largest tonnage port in New England
  • The 25th largest port in the United States
  • The largest oil port on the Unite States East Coast
Portland is also a major retail center in Maine and in the Northeastern United States.
In addition to being home to major retail stores and outlets, Portland also boosts a number of independently owned shops that sell an eclectic array of merchandise.
There are many historic sites in and around Portland as well.
Some of these sites actually date back to the founding of the community itself.
Residents and tourists alike are attracted to these interesting points of interest.
Finally, Portland is a major educational center with a number of institutions of higher learning including Andover College, University of Maine School of Law, Maine College of Art, University of Southern Maine and the University of New England - Westbrook College Campus.
These institutions serve students from Maine and from other locales beyond.
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