How to Hang a Picture on a Staircase

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    • 1). Run a stud detector over the wall on the staircase. Gently mark the studs on the staircase wall with a pencil so you can remember where they are. The wall on the staircase vibrates when someone walks up and down, so it is imperative that you hang your frame on a stud.

    • 2). Stand on the stairs to properly gauge the correct height at which the frame should hang. The location should be at eye or shoulder level up the wall so that you do not have to strain your eyes up or down to enjoy the photo.

    • 3). Mark a small X on the wall with a pencil at the height of the top of the frame. This will work as a reference for where you should insert the anchor for the picture frame. Ensure that this mark rests over one of the wall studs.

    • 4). Hammer a nail into the stud. Leave about 1/8 inch between the head of the nail and the wall to allow the nail to catch the picture frame and hold it up. Place the picture frame over the nails and move it around until it catches.

    • 5). Hold a level up to the wall just above the picture frame. Move the frame and the level around until the bubble of air centers in the liquid chamber. This means that the level is sitting at a straight angle across the wall, which means the picture frame is straight.

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