How to Make Crafty Pyramids

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    Paper Pyramid

    • 1). Draw four triangles of equal size with the pencil and ruler, and add a long, thin tab along one side of each triangle. Alternatively, print out a pyramid template from an online source such as DLTK's Growing Together. Use scissors to carefully cut out each template.

    • 2). Fold in the tab of each triangle. For added stability, use the paper triangles as stencils and cut matching shapes out of thin cardboard, then fold in the cardboard tabs.

    • 3). Apply white glue to the folded tab of each cut-out triangle. Glue the tab to the non-tabbed side of another triangle. Repeat until all four triangles are glued together in a pyramid shape.

    • 4). Apply an even coating of white glue to the outside of the pyramid with a paintbrush or your finger. Roll it in sand to give the pyramid texture.

    • 5). Paint the pyramid, if you wish, to give it some color and personality. Wait for the glued sand to dry first.

    Clay Pyramid

    • 1). Knead your clay to soften it. This makes sculpture considerably easier.

    • 2). Form a ball of clay about the size of a softball or a grapefruit. Press the bottom flat on a table to form the square pyramid base.

    • 3). Squeeze the ball of clay near the top to form a point. Use your hands and then the blunt side of a toothpick to shape and carve down the sides, so that the four triangular sides are flat with well-defined edges.

    • 4). Carve lines into the sides of the pyramid with a toothpick to give it the illusion of being made of stone blocks. Allow the sculpture to sit in open air for several days to dry.

    • 5). Paint the pyramid with tempera once it is completely dry and firm. For a realistic look, choose shades of yellow, but experiment with other colors if you wish.

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