PS3 Yellow Light Fix - How to Save $100 on the Price of a Repair

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No one likes it when things go wrong.
But its even worse when the repair will cost you $150 or more to put right.
Unfortunately, that's what it will cost you to fix your PS3 if it has developed the dreaded YLOD - or yellow light of death.
This error happens for a number of reasons, but most often its because the machine has suffered a hardware fault due to it overheating.
Unfortunately, once it has happened there's not much that you can do to fix the problem except send it away to get repaired - or buy a new one.
At least that was the state of affairs until very recently.
You see, a clever hardware engineer realized that the repair job to fix the PS3 yellow light error was actually quite a simple procedure.
In fact, he decided that, if they had the right information in front of them, then the average PS3 owner could fix the error by themselves.
No specialist tools and no technical training would be required; just an hour of their time and a bit of patience.
This guy set about developing a PS3 yellow light fix guide and within a couple of weeks he had made a complete reference work covering how to fix the problem.
Now I have seen this guide for myself and even tried it out on my broken PS3 and you know what? It works.
I mean it was almost ridiculously simple to fix the problem - in fact it only took me about 40 minutes between taking the cover of my PS3 and sitting down to enjoy some hard core blasting in Resistance 2.
So, if your PS3 is suffering from the yellow light of death, why not do yourself a favor and save over $100 on the price of a manufacturers repair by getting a good PS3 repair guide and fixing the problem yourself.
That leaves you plenty of spare cash to buy the latest shooter.
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