EvenFlo Baby Strollers - The Best Baby Stroller You Can Buy

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While many parents need a very lightweight stroller that is easy to push and carry around, they often do not enjoy the backache that comes with walking hunched over to low handles or having to balance a purse of diaper bag on the handles because there is no storage space.
EvenFlo strollers step up to the plate to address these very issues, introducing a wide selection of umbrella strollers with extra features.
The EvenFlo XSport Stroller may not be the absolute best stroller on the market right now, but it does show up the standard umbrella stroller with its roomy storage basket.
Since most umbrellas do not offer any storage at all, the basket on this one is very much appreciated even if it is not as large as those that come on a full sized stroller.
Taking it up another notch is the EvenFlo XSport Convenience Stroller.
Building off of the XSport for the basic model, it throws in two cup holders, a foot rest, and wheels that lock for a smoother ride over uneven or rough surfaces.
It also is much taller than your typical umbrella stroller, which eliminates the need to lean down while pushing.
Coming even closer to the features offered on a heavier stroller is the EvenFlo Journey Elite Stroller.
This is as close as an umbrella style stroller can come to the luxury of a full sized model.
Each side has a cushioned arm rest that allows the child to rest more comfortably.
Since many umbrella models do not have any rest at all for the arms or feet, this is a big improvement.
It also folds up with just one hand and comes with two cup holders, a storage compartment for smaller objects, and a larger storage basket at the bottom.
EvenFlo Tandem strollers offer a lighter weight option to bulky double strollers which are famously difficult to maneuver and turn.
Take all of the conveniences that this brand offers in an umbrella stroller and double that for two.
The best feature is that it accommodates most car seat brands being sold today, so there is no need to go out and purchase a particular brand.
It also features a wider handle that is padded with foam to make it easier to turn.
If you are considering one or more of the EvenFlo strollers for your child, consider which one will best suit your purposes.
If you just want the very basic model that will allow you to quickly run into the store or jot around the mall with the least hassle possible, an umbrella stroller is all you need but that does not mean that comfort and convenience should be neglected.
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