Timber Frame Home

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It is almost certain that wooden house has specific aesthetic especially its rustic look. It brings warmth ambience and natural look surrounding the environment. Wooden house is built in many several types of home i.e. log home and timber frame home. At times, some people want to built their wooden house but wish its appearance were “not too much wood”. Timber frame home gave them a similar feel of rustic elegance but with a more varied, less monochromatic, palette on the inside as well as complete freedom on exterior finish. Different from log home, this looks heavier and less varied than timber frame home.

Timber frame house maintenance is easier than a traditionally constructed home. Log home is required particular maintenance, specifically, the exterior must be cleaned and treated on a frequent basis (usually every 2-3 years to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty) and the homeowner must cope with an unsettling degree of settling (as much as 6 inches a story) as the horizontal logs shrink over time. Otherwise, timber framing existed for millennia as a basic engineering method thus is proven for its longevity.

Today, wooden house with timber-frame construction is a relatively high-end option. It lets homebuilders create something more distinctive than conventional platform framing with 2 x 4s and other dimensional lumber. The difference between today's timber framing and the way it was done 30 years ago comes down to the use of computer technology. Beautiful rustic elegance, little maintenance, the opportunity to leave a tangible legacy for your children and grandchildren, and sustainability are just a few of the differences between the building systems that account for the growing popularity of timber frame homes. Not only a building, it is a craft as well as a lifestyle.
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