Dating Tips For Moms Who Are Single

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Being single can be a drag sometimes.
It isn't uncommon for single women, especially mothers to daydream about how fabulous life could be if they had someone by their side.
Of course it's not always easy to find someone suitable if you're a single mom.
Someone who will appreciate both you and your kids.
There are a lot of strange people out there, so choosing a partner means taking into account your child/children's choice too.
This is where the conflict comes in.
Far from putting yourself out there, single moms cringe at the thought of dating again.
It all boils down to this - do you have what it takes to take a chance at love again? What most women tend to neglect is that dating is about finding someone who makes them happy.
Not someone who will make their kids happy.
While kids do need to be appreciative of your choice, let's face it, you can't model your whole life around the kids.
So cast aside all your worries and step confidently forward.
That's easier said than done.
So make a decision.
Decide on what type of guy you are looking for - single, divorced, middle aged, young? Are you looking for something casual or long term commitment? In each case, write out a detailed list of how you want your ideal date to be like.
It may seem foolish at first, but as you get clearer on what you want, the process of elimination will start to occur whereby you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble.
You won't have to sort through the trash to find the diamond.
Make yourself feel as if you were young, single and 25.
Convince yourself that you deserve the absolute best, by complimenting yourself daily in front of a mirror.
Try this technique - it really works! So you have a boosted self esteem and you're clear on what you want.
Now go out and explore the dating scene.
Go out with some other single moms and just have fun.
Hang out around singles bars or clubs, wherever you think you are most likely to meet a man.
After that stop fretting and trying to control every little situation.
Lets things take their own course.
Sooner or later you are bound to run into someone who immediately catches your eye.
The key is to maintain that cool, confident exterior and not clam up as soon as someone approaches you!
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