How to Search & Replace Multiple Files in UNIX

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    • 1). Open a blank file in any text editor.

    • 2). Place the following script into the the text editor:

      echo "Type your find string followed by [Enter]:"
      read fstring
      echo "Type your replace string followed by [Enter]:"
      read rstring
      for y in `ls *`;
      do sed "s/$fstring/$rstring/g" $y > temp; mv temp $y;

    • 3). Save the script with the name "" in the same directory as the files you want to manipulate.

    • 4). Open a Terminal Window. The terminal window will be found in the operating system's main "Application" menu, under either "System Tools" or "Utilities." You will be presented with a command prompt where you will type the following commands.

    • 5). Type the command "mv <path to file>" to move into the directory with the script. For example, the command would be "mv Files/" if the script was held in the "Files" directory in your home directory.

    • 6). Type the command "chmod +x" to make the file executable.

    • 7). Type the command "./" to execute the script.

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