Do Daycare Providers Need Tax ID Numbers?

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  • 1). Examine jars for cracks and nicks. Discard damaged jars.

  • 2). Wash jars, leaving in warm dishwasher or hot water until needed.

  • 3). Wash mint leaves.

  • 4). Combine in large kettle apple juice, mint leaves, pectin and food coloring.

  • 5). Bring to rolling boil.

  • 6). Add sugar slowly to juice, stirring constantly.

  • 7). Boil for 1 minute or until jelly slides off spoon in sheets.

  • 8). Remove from heat and remove mint leaves.

  • 9). Skim foam.

  • 10

    Pour into hot jelly jars, leaving 1/8-inch head space.

  • 11

    Wipe tops of jars with clean damp cloth.

  • 12

    Place vacuum seals and rings on jars.

  • 13

    Invert jar for a few seconds.

  • 14

    Label jars, cool, test seal and store.

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