Succeed at Dating - One Thing You Must Have If You Want to Get That Guy

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The mere thought of dating instills fear into the hearts of many women.
Whether it's the anxiety of rejection or the worry of just not knowing how to act or what to say, some women spend years alone rather then go through this anguish.
The good news is that dating can be easy if you are prepared to tweak your attitude and behaviour.
Here is one quality that you absolutely must possess or develop to succeed at dating.
If you don't have a healthy amount of this, you will struggle to get that guy.
Here's why your own self respect is so important: Mutual respect is an important ingredient in any successful relationship.
If you don't respect yourself then you can hardly expect your partner to do so.
In a relationship, a man wants a woman who respects and values herself.
To succeed at dating you must think highly of yourself and not allow a man to take advantage of you.
A guy will often try to take advantage of a woman early on in a relationship.
If you let him get away with this, he will lose respect for you and you will lose the relationship.
If he knows that you will tolerate whatever bad behaviour that he exhibits, then he will have no incentive not to do it.
Again, you will lose his respect.
Your self respect will dictate your boundaries with the men you are dating.
It is important to know what these boundaries are so that you know when he has crossed one and can deal with it accordingly.
If you respect and value yourself, you won't give yourself, or your body, away too easily.
This is a good thing, because a man will not consider himself in a relationship with you just because he has sex.
After sex a woman often feels a bond with a man, that will probably not be returned unless it has already been forged before sex.
A guy will often have less respect for a woman who has sex with him too early in the relationship.
He will simply see her as a woman to have sex with but not a woman with whom he would consider having a relationship.
Therefore, respect yourself and your body; don't give yourself away to just any man.
Some women find it hard to say no to the new man in their lives because they fear they will lose him.
In fact, it is quite the opposite.
Men want a woman who can stand up for herself.
If he leaves because you did not allow him to take advantage of you he is probably immature or just a user, and would have left anyway - after he got what he wanted.
In the beginning, you must value yourself more than you value this new man in your life that you hardly know.
If you let him know that you value your dignity and self respect above your relationship with him, you turn the fear around and make him worry that he could lose you.
This will increase his respect for you and boost your value in his eyes.
He won't want to lose you and will keep his behaviour in check.
That's when you will get that guy.
If you have a healthy amount of self respect and do not let him walk all over you, he will see you as a quality woman with whom he can consider having a future and not just as someone to have fun and good times with, or someone that he can take advantage of.
If you want to succeed at dating and get that guy, it is up to you to take control of this aspect of your life.
Do not expect a man you hardly know to treat you with more respect than you have for yourself.
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