What Is Medical Legwear?

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Medical legwear is a therapeutic product that allow patients with diabetes, varicose veins, lymphedema, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, arthritis and Peripheral Vascular Disease to live more comfortably.

These compression stockings come in a variety of forms including pantyhose and thigh-high or knee-high fittings. Depending on the type, these clothing articles fit snugly over the calves, ankles and even thighs to compress the veins, muscles and other vital parts of the leg. This can relieve discomfort and swelling in these areas. For those who live with any of the conditions listed above, being and staying active can be exceedingly difficult. These conditions can cause extreme pain in the legs in forms that can make it nearly impossible to even walk.

These compression socks are useful for diabetics. Many diabetics have nerve damage, called neuropathy, in their legs. Medical legwear will not cure the nerve damage, but it will provide support for the legs by supporting the veins and increasing circulation. This helps prevent later circulation problems and relieves pain associated with nerve and vein damage.

Compression stockings can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis patients who suffer from pain and swelling in the legs and ankles. It can also help prevent damage to other parts of the body. Many arthritis patients have difficulty walking or standing, and eventually fall, causing trauma to other parts of the body. By relieving the pain and swelling, the risk of falling is decreased.

For those suffering with a medical condition that affects the legs or feet, regular socks can cause fluid build-up and infection. Medical legwear prevents fluid from building up in the legs and feet, thereby eliminating the risk of infection.

While the footwear is designed to be used by patients with medical conditions affecting the legs and feet, it can also be used to support weak ankles, swelling feet and other leg-related problems that are not caused by an underlying medical condition.

The legwear can be used all day and is suitable for both men and women. No damage is caused by extended wear of the attire, which allows patients to remain mobile and active for hours at a time. The legwear is also useful for those who are sitting for hours at a time. When one sits for an extended period of time, the circulation in the legs is decreased. The legwear will increase blood flow and prevent later problems.

While compression socks may relieve pain and help support the legs, they should not be used to replace medication. They are intended to be used as a support to other remedies and medications, rather than a replacement.

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