See the "Real" Aruba: Rent a Car in Aruba

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When I am in Aruba, I rent a car in Aruba every time. I try to look past the luxury of the resorts and soak up the culture, too. Don't get me wrong--I absolutely adore the five star treatment the five star resorts and casinos offered on the southern part of the island. Everything about it says relaxation.

But did you know that you can discover the true history of the Dutch Antilles if you rent a car in aruba? Aruba was discovered and claimed by 1499. The Dutch acquired the island in 1636, and they have the architecture to prove it.

By the 19th century, one of many gold rushes was in full effect after a little boy discovered gold while he was playing around in the water. In 1986, Aruba became a separate and autonomous member of the Kingdom of Netherlands. In 1990, Aruba declined the move to be completely free of the Dutch rule.

But that's not all. Did you know that the California Lighthouse isn't actually an ode to California? The lighthouse completed construction by 1925. Named after the steam ship the Californian, this ship was infamous for receiving a radio signal when the Titanic was sinking. Unfortunately, the man on watch was fast asleep, and the Titanic sank.

Call it karma, but the Californian sank years later off the coast of Aruba…

Furthermore, this 70-square mile island has over 40 different nationalities permanently residing here. The Dutch, Spanish, and English aren't the only ones that decided to settle in this exotic location. Aruba is only 15 miles from Venezuela and 20 miles from Colombia. In addition, a friendly farming and fishing native tribe resided here peacefully long before the Spaniards arrived.

Rent a car in Aruba. You'll definitely have some colorful tales when you're done.
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