I" ve Joined Success University, What"s Next?

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There's so much energy in you, so much that you wish to start everything in a day. Find all the people that might be interested in this business opportunity and get things started. Wait a mintute, you will need to keep your excitement down because there are things that you will need to learn before you can start selling it. Or probably, you just want to make use of the 14 days trial period to see whether Success University is the right one for you.

It will be best that you can be guided by your sponsor or the person who introduced this business to you. But take note that he may not have the time to hold your hand all the way till you grow up. Here are some things that you will have to go through to gain a better understanding and be prepared to embark your journey.

First thing to do, go view the training videos to find out more details. Go to 'Business', then to 'Training'. You will know how things work and how you earn, it will be helpful material as well when you explain this to your prospects. Ask your sponsor if you really don't know what these videos are about. They are there to help you, don't worry.

Next, you will receive the 14 days boot camp training message through your email. This series of boot camp helps you to get started using the tested and proven methods. You will be able to see it under Business tab, go to 'Resources', it's there right at left side of the page. Note that you don't have to follow all the methods if you are running it in a lower budget.

Contact the person who introduced to you this amazing business opportunity and remember to thank him or her. Of course, the person who recommended Success University to you will have more experience than you, he will be able to guide you along on getting started with this business.

If you've joined this through the internet or have no knowledge about who is the person who enrolled you, you can go to 'Business' and then 'Sponsorship'. Over there, you will be able to see who are your up-lines, or people who are above you, you can call or email them for help.

After deciding that you are going to get serious with Success University, go ahead and become a Premium member, and pay the $149.95 before you get billed after 14 days. You will get a package shipped to your address, which includes DVD and CDs. They will be helpful to you in fulfilling your dream of working from home using your computer. Plus, you will be able to double your commission earnings after youve become a Premium member.

Prepare a list of people whom you know, classify them properly, these lists to help you. Although some of the members will recommend that you learn more about this business first before letting other people know. I think sharing your excitement to people whom you care about will create a higher chance of success. Contact your up-line for support when you are about to make the calls, they will be able to give you more advice and tips on getting them more curious.

Listen to positive tapes and audio clips, nobody says that this is going to be easy. Check out the bookstore from Success University, they have great offers for such books.

Thank you for your time to read this article, I wish you can create your own legitimate work from home income stream with Success University.
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