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ASIT is one of the Pioneers of career based training programs along with professional certification courses. Job seekers and working professionals associate with industry experts to deliver the training requirements. Whether you are beginning, changing or enhancing your career, ASIT is the answer. ASIT caters to the needs of students, job seekers, working professionals and Employers in achieving their goals through education.

ASIT has a mission. The mission is to provide the best in class education via robust technology platform leading to an optimal learning. ASIT offers nearly 70 courses. There are 8-10 devoted trainers without whom ASIT would not have achieved its desired growth.

Our tutors – the miracle makers:

"The mediocre teacher tells,

 The good teacher explains,

The superior teacher demonstrates,

The great teacher inspires." – William Arthur ward

Most of our learners feel that they are indebted to their trainers at ASIT for the quality of life they are leading now.

ASIT learner Sunil says "Following Alexander the great's words, I can also say that am indebted to my father for living but to my teacher for living well."




Our trainers shape your thoughts and remain etched in your souls. We emphasize mastery of subjects over memorization. ASIT imparts skills that match industry demands. ASIT aims to bring out a quality change in life through the tool called education.

Friendly fee structure:

ASIT training comes with an affordable price tag. Asit's affordable and nominal fee structure attracts all who are aspiring for a great career. Quality is never compensated in ASIT learning. Within the nominal fee structure, ASIT offers conducive learning on a robust technology platform.

The quality of the courses is designed in such a way that they will ensure safety for the investments of the learners. If the learners are not satisfied, ASIT offers a 2 day money back guarantee.

ASIT also comes out with easy Finance options for the students. The entire ASIT team works 24*7 to provide value for the money of its learners.

"Nowadays people know the

 Price of everything and the   

 Value of nothing." – Oscar Wilde

ASIT knows the price of everything and the value of everything. It values the hard-earned money of the learners and gives them the best learning experience. Asit's affordable fees quenches the knowledge thirsts of the students from poor financial backgrounds. Money should not be the barrier to stop anyone from learning. ASIT training has given life for so many financially strapped students.




Students are always enticed by expensive training programs, believing that they will be exposed to a quality education and a wealth of opportunity. ASIT has broken this myth and proves that even non-expensive training programs can make miracles happen.

You can earn while you learn:

ASIT has ‘ Earn while you learn or' scheme too. The learners can learn and enjoy the pleasure of learning also. The learners can learn and enjoy the pleasure of earning also. It enables one to learn for today and save for tomorrow. When the learner  earns through part time jobs, they have a preview of the job they hope to go and they cultivate good work ethic.

We are an ITIL V3 training expert. You can pursue and get ITIL certification in ASIT and get the most popular IT project management credentials. With an ITIL certification, you can contribute to the overall service improvement of an organization. IT giants prefer IT service delivery and support staff with ITIL certification. Top-15 best paid jobs demand ITIL certification.

ASIT has highly qualified trainers with both industry and training experience, high-quality course content, mock tests/ questions, optimal class strength, practice tests are its true credentials. Working professionals have the convenience of attending weekend classes.

Our plus points:

Learning is fun and absolutely stress–free at ASIT. Learners are helped to learn through cool tools, videos and game-like labs. Learners can use the latest in peer-to-peer social learning tools and connect with smart and innovative people.

Well researched online training as well as instructor led classroom pedagogy is the highlight of ASIT. The placement records at ASIT holds the mirror of the world class training imparted. Courses are coupled with real time industry based projects to gear up the students and job seekers the required real time experience and exposure. This benefits the learners to crack the toughest job interviews with ease and comfort. Placement is guaranteed as ASIT has partnered with the best organizations of national repute. They do not stop with partnering.. They will nourish, evaluate, train and mentor learners in their job hunt.

Stay assist:

Another most admired feature of ASIT is its ‘Stay assist' program. ASIT assists its students find paying guest facility in close proximity to the campus. Students staying at Paying Guest facility using ASIT's ‘stay assist' program are provided with good option to stay and food. For the benefit of the students, the paying guest providers offer multi-cuisine dining facility.

ASIT's  students are given accommodations in places that are just a stone's throw away from the institute. You can avoid bottlenecks during rush hours. No need  to wait for  buses and other transports. No more tiring travels in shuttle services. You can start your day fresh and finish it up fresh. Study peacefully at ASIT and stay peacefully at your hostel.

ASIT's hostel gives the comfort of your home. A hostel with all your homely features… surprising isn't it?  We offer you a homely stay where comfort and quality is guaranteed.  Hosteling is fun at ASIT. We  give an unbeatable value for the money you pay for your stay.

" You want me to tell about the best thing that happened this year? It is ASIT's hostel. It was a great experience.  And I liked it." – Madhuri, ASIT's learner and hosteler.





The ASIT's hostel  is cheap, hygienic with good food and with fairly decent basic amenities. To chill out, the inmates of the hostel can make use of the gymnasium, swimming pool and other indoor games. After showing ASIT'S ‘stay assist' cards only the inmates are allowed inside the premises. ASIT's paying guest accommodation are in close proximity to Bus and auto stands, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls and parlors.

ASIT hosteler's testimonials:

" When I was clueless and exploring about the place where I should stay, ASIT's hostel facility came as a surprise. I feel like home in ASIT's hostel. Love my stay over here." -  Anitha

"East or west, ASIT's hostel is the best" – Kiran

In a place like Bangalore, where the safety of girls is a matter of serious concern, ASIT's hostel is the best choice. Girl students can have a cozy, comfortable and safe stay at ASIT's hostel. The inmates genuine problems are addressed. We provide services for the students from India and other countries across the globe. Even African students are very happy over the stay over here.

Aubin, a South African student says, " I started loving India, Indian curriculum and Indian food after coming to ASIT.  Proud to be with ASIT.ASIT ensures you with not only Happy learning .But also with Happy staying.

ASIT is a place to grow. It is a journey for the nascent. Batch size and composition of the batch is the highlight of ASIT. All scheduled classes are conducted on time. You can access a recorded version of the session if you miss upon any session. The training is scheduled close to 240 hours, which no other institute promises.


You can take your course at your pace, at home or at a coffee shop. Our virtual classroom is open 24/7 and everyone is accepted. Learners are awarded a certificate with grading based on their course assessments. ASIT's students are the ‘ recruiter's choice' and ASIT's ‘ career readiness certificate' is the yardstick in many organizations.

Apart from training, the students are exposed to other upcoming technologies, techno events, mock exams, mock interviews and aptitude training.

Placements and preplacements:

Placements are the best part of ASIT. ASIT makes sure that you do not come under placement pressure. ASIT gives a very good exposure of nearly 15 campus interviews and 25+ off campus interviews for each individual. Pre placement trainings are given to the learners to prepare them before every interview.

Career counseling:

ASIT helps you with career counseling. The phase of job search  and career attainment procedure is a critical aspect of your career development. ASIT gives you career counseling and helps you to know and learn about yourself and the corporate world in order to make career, educational and life decisions.

ASITian Sanjay tells, " ASIT's career counseling is fabulous. It helped me to figure out who am I and what I want out of my education, career and life."

ASIT learner Geetha says, " ASIT's career counseling help me to locate resources and sources of career information. It helped me to determine my next step and sketch a plan to achieve my goals."

No doubt, ASIT learning gives you a very good take off in your pursuit towards the zenith of success.

                    Be a proud ASITian. We make you soar!












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