How to Adjust a Clutch on a Valkyrie Motorcycle

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    • 1). Park the motorcycle on its kickstand. Turn the handlebars completely to the right to place the clutch master cylinder on the left handlebar in a level position.

    • 2). Remove the pair of screws that secures the fluid reservoir cover to the clutch master cylinder with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the inner diaphragm and set plate out of the fluid reservoir. Using a syringe, suck out the old brake fluid from the master cylinder. Refill the fluid reservoir with fresh DOT 4 brake fluid.

    • 3). Follow the clutch master cylinder's hydraulic line to the clutch slave cylinder on the motor. Place a length of clear plastic tubing over the tip of the slave cylinder's air bleed valve. Place the opposite end of the tubing into a container to collect used brake fluid.

    • 4). Open the air bleed valve counterclockwise a half turn with a 9 mm wrench. Pull in the clutch lever to force a small amount of brake fluid our of the air bleed valve. Close the air bleed valve, turning it a half turn clockwise with a 9 mm wrench. Release the clutch lever slowly. Repeat as necessary until the brake fluid trapped in the plastic tubing is clear and free of air bubbles. The clutch lever should require a small amount of effort to disengage the clutch. Repeat this step if the clutch lever moves freely without resistance.

    • 5). Top off the clutch master cylinder's fluid reservoir with fresh DOT 4 brake fluid. Wipe away any spilled fluid with a clean shop towel. Insert the set plate and diaphragm into the reservoir and place the cover over it. Insert and tighten the cover's screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 6). Remove the plastic tubing from the air bleed valve and wipe any spilled fluid away immediately with a clean shop towel. Tighten the air bleed valve with a 9 mm wrench.

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