How to Fix No VGA Signal

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    • 1). Check the VGA connections from the VGA cable to the VGA ports on both the computer and the monitor. Make sure the security hand-screws are tightly screwed into the ports. These security screws are part of the VGA connection for a reason and should not be neglected.

    • 2). Check the VGA cable for damage. VGA cables are a bit rigid, and are more susceptible to damage by being bent than most other wires. Examine the cable for visible damage and feel around the entire wire for broken areas. If the VGA cable is damaged, replace it with a new one.

    • 3). Restart the computer. Sometimes errors occur in computers that cause the computer to not be recognized by the connected devices, such as the monitor. Restarting the computer gives the system a chance to start fresh and boot up recognizing the VGA connection.

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