Processes That Slow a Computer

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    • Whenever you start up a program, such as Windows Media Player or MS Word, it opens up processes that slow down the computer, even if you are not using the program. Generally, the larger the program, in terms of data size (Mbs, Gbs), the more it will slow down your computer. To see the amount of data the the actual program is using, open Task Manager, right-click the application, and select "Go to process" to display the exact data usage of the application.

    Hidden Applications

    • Programs such as antivirus software or Torrent download managers start up when you log into your computer by default. While it is recommended to allow some programs, such as antivirus software, to start up automatically, you should terminate the idling programs if you want to speed up your computer. You can check for any hidden processes initiated by these hidden applications by opening up the "Type" tab in the Task Manager "Process" tab.

    Operating System Processes

    • Processes are part of the operating system. Even if absolutely no applications are running on your computer, a large number of processes are operating in the background. These processes slow down the computer, but terminating them will cause the operating system to malfunction or crash.

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