Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?

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Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? No Way................
I love the way some songs can melt away the years and put right back at a fantastic time in your life. I have various songs that can transfer me back 20 years in an instant. One that comes to mind in Sweet Child O' Mine by Gun n' Roses. It takes me back to a wonderful summer with friends, the beach and long hot nights. Good God has it been twenty years?

A few weeks ago I wrote about letting go of the past and looking forward in life, and I still believe in that. However, I think it is important to remember our past, so that we don't forget the important events that changed our lives. It is important to remember the lessons that we have learnt so that we don't repeat them.

When my father was in his clothing business, he was leasing premises from a couple of people that had been bankrupt 5 times. How they even managed to get back into business for the 6th time was beyond me. Anyone can go bankrupt in a business, and normally the first time many go bust it is because they still don't know enough about what they are doing.

The second time someone hits the wall is because they are done over be a supplier or partner. For most people that is then it. They have learnt about the business, the industry and all the little tips and never go bankrupt again. However if some ones does go a third, fourth, fifth time it is because they haven't learnt from the previous steps. They are unaware of what going on and are blindly repeating their mistakes, just like the old man's friends. They never took the time to see where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

While it is important to learn from your mistakes, it is also important to learn from your successes. When something goes right you need to record it so that in the future you can do it again. That is how many people have become successful. They make sure that they learn from their mistakes and successes and then work to have more success than failure.

So how do we learn from our mistakes and successes? Every time something happens, review what happened, look to see what went right, what went wrong and if there was any way of improving what you did. Big businesses do that after everything they do, that way they refine their techniques and continue to improve.

So when the music takes you away again next time, look at what happened at that time. See what you can learn from it and how you can either avoid or repeat that situation. Mind you in saying that Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer takes to a time that even if I want to recreate, I don't think my body could handle anymore. And as for Boys of Summer by Don Henley? Don't ask.

See you next week.

Terry Shadwell

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