Ordering Custom Silicone Bracelets Online

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Ordering Custom Silicone Bracelets Online

Custom silicone bracelets are a hit since they are an excellent choice for fundraising and promoting awareness. They usually come in colorful designs, messages and slogans that relate to certain causes or promotions. These custom silicone bracelets have been successfully used to support many causes and campaigns in the United States.

They are available in many colors. You can use a pantone chart where you can pick up the colors you want. You can request the manufacturer for glow wristbands or even transparent ones. The use of these custom silicone bracelets can be great for your organization or company.

custom silicone bracelets can offer you great value for your cause or fundraiser just by the fact that they are cheap to make. Lots of organizations have implemented custom silicone bracelets to promote causes or to raise awareness about issues. custom silicone bracelets can be an excellent promotional item to promote your brand or company since they have the good acceptation of the people.

In this respect, you can find three types of custom silicone bracelets in the market. There are the embossed, debossed, and imprinted wristbands. The embossed bracelets have the message raised on the custom silicone bracelet. Instead, the debossed bracelets display the message engraved on the custom silicone bracelet just like the words of the “LIVESTRONG” bracelet. Lastly, the imprinted bracelets have the message marked on the silicone bracelet. Here the message is silk screened on a simple stock wristband.
These custom silicone bracelets are available for people from all ages and sizes.

For instance, there are custom silicone bracelets of 202 millimeters long for adults. Wristbands for youngsters have a circumference of 190mm, and custom silicone bracelets for children have a circumference of 180 millimeters. Of course, you can customize the size of your bracelets according to the people you intend to reach.

The cost of production for custom silicone bracelets always tends to be cheaper than any order of other promotional items. If you plan to order bracelets at a wholesale, you should know that the steel mold fees and other set-up fees will be distributed to each additional custom silicone bracelet. In this respect, you get more profits if you order them in big quantities.
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