Why Building On Your Property May Cause You To Lose It

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Just think about it. Youre finally getting ready to build that shed to hold all of your tools that are overloading the garage. Youre getting ready to install a real basketball hoop with a concrete foundation for your kids to play on for years to come. At what point in your dream did you realize to you need a surveying company? Did you think to yourself while you imagined your happy kids shooting hoops in the backyard that a property surveywould be necessary so you would know your boundaries?

Odds are it didnt cross your mind. Without taking these things into consideration, the likelihood that youre building on part of your neighbors property goes up. If they then go out and get a survey and realize that youve built half of your concrete foundation for the basketball court on their side of the property, then they could get it removed from their property or take a more course action. They could sue you for it.

Youve just spent a good deal of money on that shed or basketball court and now youve been slapped with a lawsuit stating that you built on someone elses property without their permission. The evidence is already there. Theres nothing you can do. Something like this can hurt you financially so hard that you will lose your house because of the bills for the lawyer and paying damages to your neighbor.

A property survey takes a good amount of time to conduct but its worth it considering the alternative. Its also worth it to know if your neighbors have built something on your property. Then legal action can be taken by you, especially if they have built something you dont particularly care for like a loud music room they play in to all ends of the night and refuse to turn it down.

A property survey is like taking a picture looking down at your house and drawing lines on it that shows you the borders around your yard. This is an amazing tool to have youre considering selling the house as well as building on it. As the economy gets better from the recent drop, youll find yourself able to buy more and youll need places to store it. Be sure if you do decide to build a swing set for your kids, or a pool for your family to enjoy, that you take the necessary precautions before you start building.
As we continue to build up our property for aesthetic and retail value, be mindful of the boundaries you may be crossing. Property surveys are easy to conduct and easy to read once its in your hands. Dont leave your family and wealth at risk because of careless planning.
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