Angels - Jordianna Is The Rainbow Angel Of The Realm Of Indigo Light

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Indigo is the color ray which resonates with the Third Eye Chakra energy center, the bridge between inner sight and seeing beyond physical realm appearances. This intriguing color of the Rainbow is also the bridge between the infinite and that which is finite.

As a symbol of infinity as well as wisdom and self-mastery, it is possible to travel along the trail of Indigo journeying to realms far beyond your imagination. Indigo is a not-so subtle blending of purple and blue, vibrating at its own energetic frequency and that of blue and purple respectively.

Jordianna is the Angel of the Indigo Ray, whose crystal is Tanzan Aura enabling each of us to draw cosmic energy into our physical bodies offering transformation for all who seek an expanded sense of awareness. The Angel of Indigo Light encourages all who seek their inner wisdom to become still allowing both light frequencies to integrate one with the other in both the physical and Ethereal Realm. It is possible to journey using your inner vision, your inner sight to gift yourself with that which appears to be beyond reach in the physical realm of matter.

Tanzan Aura, also known as Indigo Quartz, is the crystal which most closely resonates with this color ray. It allows the physical and mental body to draw cosmic energy down through the Crown Chakra, establishing a more open and direct connection with Divine Source Energy. Divine Source Energy is that part of every living organism which is whole and complete perfection.

The Indigo bridge of light connects that which known and that which is unknown and is the catalyst for transformation, transmutation and ultimately that of transcendence of all into the Light of Divine Source.

In addition to resonating with the Third Eye Chakra, Tanzan Aura also resonates with the Crown and Throat Chakra energy centers. It is possible, if you are willing, to transcend ordinary thoughts patterns, expanding your sense of awareness, heightening intuition.

Angel Jordianna encourages you to expand your sight, both directed inward and seeing beyond that which is known in physical form. Be open; be willing to restoring your sight as you seek answers to your Life's Purpose, as you gain clarity and courage to move forward along your path.

If you seek to mentally explore other dimensions, other realms, Jordianna and Tanzan Aura Quartz present you with a unique gateway to astral projection along the many corridors of the Milky Way and other Star Galaxies.
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