How to Build His Attraction For You

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You're with a guy you feel powerful chemistry with and you want to make sure that you keep him interested in you.
The key to building his interest is increasing his attraction for you.
When you know what to say and how to respond to increase his interest, his attraction for you will go through the roof.
Imagine not wondering how he really feels about you because you know the secrets of getting inside his mind.
Many women make some really awful mistakes with men.
They really believe that just being with a man or talking to him is going make his attraction grow.
But this isn't the case.
You can do things like playing hard to get but most women fall flat on their face because they don't understand HOW to go about using space as a leverage to build and increase a man's attraction.
If you want to make sure that he falls for you, you have to know how to use space so that he doesn't see your game and think you're just trying to get him into you.
You have to be natural about anything you do to build his attraction because apart of building attraction is about using mystery and intrigue.
So when you employ this strategy and you use push,pull to build good tension, it will register in the subconscious part of his mind to pull more towards you.
Don't wait to lose his interest or watch him withdraw from you.
Get inside his mind by learning how to trigger his emotional attraction switch.
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